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tactics helped increase romney's wealth. and by this afternoon the obama campaign was up with this video. mitt romney has millions invested in o. shore tax havens. he says it doesn't mean he's avoiding u.s. taxes. >> i have not saved one dollar by having an investment somewhere outside this country. >> there was no reduction, not one dollar reduction in taxes by virtue of having an account in switzerland or a cayman island investment. the dollars of taxes remain exactly the same. >> but that's not true. according to a new report from "the new york times" romney avoided taxes through investments in offshore tax havens. mitt romney avoided paying his fair share. what else is he hiding? >>> joining me now, david k johnston author of the new book, "the fine print" and karen finney. david k. johnstone, the times got tax experts to look at the tax returns and some documents they obtained from bain from this new report today. what did we learn? >> well, the cayman islands 4 hundred years ago was a hang out for pirates now it's a hang out for tax pirates. instead of a buried map of where the tre
him tell in that obama video. hey, i didn't save any tax money at all. >> right, no, of course. but also i think they believe that if they just told us, we would just say oh, okay. right? i mean there's something, we've talked about this before, that is very much of a ceo mentality that says i don't have to tell you that. you have to accept what i tell you as the truth where on the face of it it just doesn't sound right. because you want to say why did you put your money over there. we just know that can't possibly be true. but again, i think they expected that we'll deal with it for a few days, we'll have a few news cycles and it will go away because people will just believe us. i really think they thought that. >> david k. johnstone, do you have a tax return question you would like to suggest for tomorrow night. >> not that i suspect anyone would ask these, but i think the obvious ones will be will you show us any of these opinion letters that you have. i think the one i would really like to know is tell us how you made your huge for tune on the italian telephone directories
doubles down on obama's strategy with this video that came out. so they're in a real situation here and they've got a short time to right it. >> it's offensive if you unpack and think about it. what he's saying is we're all stupid. we don't remember that the polls have shown republicans up a lot. and secondly this idea that people in the media, if their personal views go one way, the product of the reporting goes another way. i don't think there's resonating with the public at all. if you go back to important media failures like the iraq war or the financial crisis, on iraq there may have been a lot of reporters who were personally skeptical but there was a collective media failure in the way they covered it. so the idea that someone's personal views are always going to represent them in what they write or how they report, i don't think that computes, i think you would have to be dumb or tuned out to buy the crap that paul ryan is peddling there. >> and then there's the question of who is the real arnold schwarzenegger. thank you for joining me. >> thank you lawrence. >>> coming up.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)